Good Taste Exists Without My Consent

I wasn't going to direct your attention to this, as it's actually kind of a dick thing to do, but the person who reposted this sterling example of word-vomit decided to completely miss the point of Cormac McCarthy.

"His writing is worthless and an insult to everyone who writes." eh?

The person who wrote that about McCarthy decided to republish an article with the following sentences:

"Where else could we have found such art? Movies? Well, the Americans of my day didn't have Miyazaki's stuff on file, so that was out."

I can imagine it now. Hordes of plump and skinny losers of all races, howling like mad, whacking the chained unbelievers on their way to the Gulag of the Cool with their FF VI cartridges, while a grinning 'ice teeth' Hironobu Sakaguchi – Mao Suit, liberation cap – waves to them from the castle walls."

that man was our libertine, our Byron." ( Yes, he's still talking about Final Fantasy 6)

The saddest thing is that we still don't have the vocabulary – nay, the poetry – to celebrate Final Fantasy VI properly." (emphasis mine, lols)

The War of the Magi has never really stopped and Final Fantasy VI will no doubt continue its unseen jihad, unnoticed and unheard until our blessed day of reckoning. When the silly works of today will be nothing more than a footnote in the Final Fantasy-era of art history."

Are you embarrassed too, random blog reader, for the sake of the person who authored those statements? How about the person who thought it was good enough to share with a wider audience and compares favorably to Cormac McCarthy? What was that labored description of a totalitarian-nerd Tienanmen square supposed to even mean?

I still love hg101. It continues to be one of two game related websites I regularly check, and this inconsequential article couldn't change that. Nevertheless, the editors might help themselves by not straying too far afield of subjects they actually understand. There be dragons and cool people and bloggers for whom purple prose is a humorous exercise in those places unknown.

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