Snowy Day

I’m drinking hot tea and typing on my computer in the middle of the afternoon while listening to “Life in a Northern Town.” I’m not being wistful, although it probably sounds like I am; it’s a snow day and I don’t have to work because of it. The Dream Academy just happens to be a favorite of whatever internet radio station my PSP decided to play for me.
Snow used to be an excuse to spend a day playing instead of working. For me, not having to go to my actual job means that I get to spend my time working on things that actually matter, like finding a new job that isn’t part of the construction industry. I suspect that young kids no longer know what a snow day should actually feel like, what with all the activities parents force their kids to participate in. I haven’t seen a single kid in the neighborhood building a snowman, and it’s a real shame. The snow is dry enough to ply and wet enough to pack -- perfect for play.
It’s rare to get that kind of snow in north Texas.

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