About Me

GoldenPigsy squandered his status as a GoldenPiglet doing many of the things he writes about now -- playing video games, watching movies, reading cheesy fiction, and pretending that he will, one day, make or write his own -- growing up in the suburbs of the D/FW metroplex, where there is little to do besides show off the wealth that you, or more likely, your parents have generated. By the time he graduated high school, his writing could be seen in the student magazine in heavily edited form, unabridged on several desks, and on at least a couple of stalls in as many boy’s rooms.

Never one to miss an opportunity, GoldenPigsy took advantage of the liberal arts program at a school known for engineering, where he made acquaintance with fellow reprobates who actually understood the things he pretended to know about, and finally, unequivocally rejected Calvinism in favor of a theology that wouldn’t have him feel guilt over finding the humor in John Calvin, Thomas Hobbes, or Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes.

After college, GoldenPigsy went on the lamb, fearing that piling debts would soon force his parents to sell him into slavery after he escaped indentured service to an info tech company. As of this writing, he is still at large, and maintains contact with a few of his friends through his blog, where he shares his thoughts on cheap entertainment and occasionally laughs at people on the internet who are as stupid as him. His parents still aren’t sure when he’ll be home.

GoldenPigsy invites friends and strangers alike to feed their brains some slop, to find the choicest bits in the mush and slush, and to appreciate the mystery of the universe as found only in the delicious flavors of well cooked pork and badly made movies.