Nerd Credibility -- I Have It!

I played a game this evening. Well, not so much a game but a quiz, and a hard one at that.

While most games of this type tend to make me feel bad due to my astounding ignorance (I barely named more than half of the countries on the "countries of the world" quiz), I really enjoyed the Video Game Console quiz, because it's trivia that I'm surprisingly good at.
If you'll notice, I got 43 of 68 possible. While this wouldn't be a good score on a test for a class, it's also information that's almost completely useless.

It's also unfair. If you enter "Atari" the quiz will immediately credit you for the Atari Pong home unit. If you enter "Nintendo" it'll give you "Nintendo Entertainment System," and if you enter 3DO, you'll get "3DO Interactive Multiplayer." But I repeatedly entered in "Amiga" and was continuously confused by the quiz not responding. Apparently, you have to enter in "Amiga CD32" before it will count.

I'm also rather annoyed that they included the GamePark 32 -- a system I'd never heard of until I took this quiz. As best as I can tell (and Wikipedia backs me up on this) it wasn't even released in the US, and the quiz was supposed to only cover systems released in the US. Being of that unique variety of nerd that likes games like Ys and Nightmare of Druaga (although, to be honest, the real reason I know about it is because of its numerous Final Fantasy remakes), I repeatedly tried to submit WonderSwan and its variations before I realized that it was never released in the US, and would therefore not be on the quiz. I'm also kicking myself for missing the TurboDuo, especially when I remembered the TurboGrafx-16, Game.com, Odyssey (two variations) and Vectrex.

Another frustrating miss was the Tiger Electronics pseudo-console R-Zone, which I actually got for Christman one year and played with for approximately a week before realizing it was crap.

Not to brag, but I think I did pretty well. It also looks like about 24% of the people who took this quiz started gaming on the Playstation 2. n00bs.

I have to say, this was a lot easier than that Nightmare of Druaga review I was actually planning on writing today.

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