That was an unintentionally long hiatus

Really, apologies to those who were expecting more reviews of movies starring Kong Ban and Lin Hsiao-Lan to be posted here during the last nine or ten months.

I'm not going to justify or try to explain what's been going on, as most of that stuff is personal and not really pertinent here. But I'll be writing stuffs here again. In fact, I had intended to put up several reviews that unfortunately didn't survive the switch I made in computers. This is one of those not-pertinent events that led to my posting anti-spree. Shame on me.

Otherwise not too much has changed on my part. Expect reviews of the most eighties movie Hong Kong ever produced, a likely unwanted amount of writing on the various eighties anime (and their sequels!) I've been watching, and possibly a little bit of redesign to the blog's layout.

All this assuming anybody was reading this thing regularly in the first place.


  1. Glad to see you back, GoldenPigsy!

  2. Hey there. Good to see you posting again. I know exactly where you're coming from - my blog has been static for 11 months due to personal matters, and I'm only just getting round to thinking about starting it off again!

  3. Please review some of Gaider's newest stuff, if you would!

  4. @ prinny squad

    It's pretty hard to believe how long these things will lay dormant and then you just all of a sudden remember: oh yeah, I have a blog I ought to update some time. Then you actually look at it and it's been nearly a year.

    @ Anonymouse

    It's coming bro.