Earlier today, I decided to go and get some lunch, which is a challenge if I want to eat something affordable and also not too gross without having to drive more than a mile. My options include things like Whataburger (I live in Texas, for those of you who hadn’t figured it out yet) or Subway or Quik Trip’s hot dogs, or one of the various non-franchise (or at least local franchise) restaurants. Among these are an Indian restaurant, a pizza place, a couple of surprisingly bad Tex-Mex joints that are too pricey for their own good, and a Chinese food place that serves a number of Pan-Asian dishes.

It’s a hard choice, in the sense that it’s fairly rare that any of these sound good and I usually eat alone, so I can’t defer to somebody else’s opinion of what sounds good. Today, I chose the Chinese restaurant, which I usually eat at with RockmanXZ24, who in the spirit of raging video gamer assholery recently changed his Xbox Live gamertag to NINTEND0FTW. Instead of getting my usual (a Thai style curry and rice) I ordered the new “Salty Crispy Pork,” which is really just deep fried pork with diced onions and peppers. Still, it was surprisingly good. I decided to get a beer to drink while I finished my pork, a deliberate process, although honestly it shouldn’t be, since most any beer matches well with fried pork. I decided on a Mexican beer called Tecate, which probably seems rather incongruous to match with a “Chinese” dish, but bear in mind that it was Mexicans who diced the onions and peppers, fried the pork and the rice and put it in a box for me to take home.
It’s hard to photograph food in a Styrofoam container and make it look appetizing.

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