This is why nobody takes you seriously...

Seriously, Bioware, could you get any lamer?

Btw, video is NSFW!

I know I mentioned Heather Chaplin's GDC remarks about the roundly juvenile mindset of male game developers, and it seems like Bioware is actually trying to make her point for her. Bioware has really dropped in my esteem ever since they started making console RPGs. On their youtube channel (already partnered, go figure) the developers write that the player will "explore a dark and mature fantasy world." No doubt, it doesn't get more mature than Marylin Manson music and a trailer highlighting blood and violence.

The pathetic thing about this is that there will doubtlessly be some group of idiots that think this is great "art." They'll skip decent/fun game and proclaim it a profound and literate work of interactive art. Making a trailer solely for the sex and violence in your game makes you look like the fanboyish prat that most people who don't play video games already figured people who do to be. If Bioware is planning on making great games, they need to make a game that people will play for something outside of pretty cutscenes and the promise of lesbian sex scenes. I don't expect anything good out of Dragon Age: Origins.


  1. It was a shit trailer but least it's better than the Duke Nukem poo throwing trailer :P.

  2. The game was actually decent, and I could actually play it three times without getting too bored. That being said, it is NOT Icewind Dale, and it certainly isn't Planescape. And from the videos I've seen I get the gut feeling that most girls replay this game for the shits and giggles of watching their avatar partake in 20 second semi-clothed frottage with whoever they have their hearts set on.

    Dragon Age II, on the other hand, was indeed a piece of crap in the sense of storytelling in a game. Evidently the devs at Bioware thought it a brilliant idea to squish a decade into a few days of gameplay, making everything rushed and sometimes incoherent.

    But this trailer didn't do much justice to the game, in my opinion. A lot of motifs are borrowed - Templars, the Catholic Church, Teutonic Order, e.t.c. - but the elves' status is different, which is interesting.

    I do agree with your observation that this trailer stinks, however. I actually thought some fanboy amateur made it for private entertainment. Alas, I was wrong.