Carnal Scum Carnal Scum 1994

What the hell, Google?

I was checking Google's projected search queries by which my blog might be found. "carnal scum carnal scum 1994" was among the top of the list. (although it yielded no actual traffic, thanks be) I searched throughout the posts from last month and found that the root of the problem probably came from my review of The Forbidden Legend: Sex and Chopsticks. Still, the only time I use the word "scum" is in reference to weeaboos, and there's certainly nothing in the way of carnality about them that would make for interesting blogging, although I realize that the entirety of live journal would disagree with that. But that's the only blog post in which all of those words are used, except neither "carnal" nor "scum" is used twice, but 1994 is.

Vexing, no?

Even more disconcerting is that "carnal scum carnal scum 1994" shows up, but none of the following: drunken jailbait lesbianism -- Charlene Choi tits -- amourous kitty gaze -- Evangelical White Republican Boogey Man -- Pinko Commie Bohemian Homo Big Foot -- pubic hair petals -- period blood energy drink -- Penis monologue -- wilting ED man -- penis envy -- vagina discussion -- rape jokes -- fetching Indian boobs -- Christopher Doyle.

The Golden Trough: we're classing it up.

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